In Season CX Workouts

With the daylight getting shorter and shorter and a month or so of CX season left, I am looking to take my non skills training inside. Anyone have some advice on 2 sessions to do during the work week? Looking at my races, it’s typically 10-15 second efforts out of corners and some longer 1-2 minute efforts on the flats. Workouts like the Shovel, the Chores, Revolver and Half is Easy look like the best options. Im a USAC Cat 4 and my races are 30 minutes. Anyone have some thoughts?

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Hi @ironhayden08 the first thing I’d say is have you done the 4DP Test yet ? Then all your workouts whether it’s sprinting or the longer 1/2 min seshs you’d see what power you’d need to hit to improve. Then when you do the workouts whichever ones they are you’d know your really improving.

Yep. I’m an attacker. Will do a fresh FF at season end. Just trying to get through the last month of the season.

@ironhayden08 When are your races? Each week on weekends, every other week? Assuming weekend races, I would probably suggest something like a racing or speed video on Tuesday and then maybe a drill video on Thursday and primers Friday. Throw in some of the breathing and yoga as well. I had a few XC MTB races this summer every other week and used a similar structure. Just keep an eye on your fatigue going into the races.