Days with strength training


I have recognized that the strength training days in my current training plan (mountain fondo) are Mondays and Thursdays. The general start day of the plan is Monday.
If I remember correctly, formerly the strength days were Tuesday and Friday. Some cycling workouts that are planned for Tuesday do also still show the note “before strength”, but there is no strength on these days.
Additionally, tomorrow (Monday) I am supposed to do Nine Hammers and strength training. I cannot believe this is correct.
What is your opinion? Do you see also a shift of the days for strength training?

Thank you in advance for the answers.

That doesn’t appear to be correct. Nine Hammers is an intense ride and strength isn’t usually associated with it.

I have just found out that the strength days would change to Tuesdays and Fridays, if I set the volume to moderate or the recovery pattern to 2:1.

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