Weight training on what days?

I have a personal trainer setting up my weight training for me for my event in October. Any advice on what days I should be doing this on if I’m on the moderate event plan? Light days? Heavy days? I’m working mostly accessory muscle groups and upper and lower core three days a week.

First Katie, welcome to the forum. This can be a great resource for you.

As far as your question, I will be following to see the replies. I am starting a weight training regimen myself in August, 2 days a week. I look forward to learning along with you.

@Katie_Murphy Here are a few things I have learned:

  1. Even if you are planning to do strength separate from SYSTM you can still add strength to the plan as it will adjust the overall plan volume and create better pairings for your strength days. If you want to keep your calendar clean you can just delete the SYSTM strength workouts as you come to them and then keep a separate calendar on something like TrainingPeaks or Final Surge to record your workouts.

  2. Generally cadence work fits well on strength days - so something like Cadence Builds or GOAT or Power Staton.

  3. You can pair strength with endurance but you don’t want to do them back to back. So either strength or endurance in the morning and then at least four hours later or even more perform your second workout. Don’t separate them too much as you need to be careful not to upset your sleep.

  4. Never add strength to your rest days

  5. Core work can be done more frequently - there is a podcast on this. I think they said every other day works.

  6. During your deload weeks be sure to deload on strength as well. Recovery is when you get your adaptations.

  7. Starting a strength routine will definitely affect your on bike performance so be prepared for that and don’t get frustrated. You will end up stronger in the long run if you do it right.

  8. Don’t overdo it. Small changes are best. Let your body adapt slowly. You may feel like you can lift a lot one day or even during a week but it will have a negative impact if you don’t do it gradually.

For what it is worth, while I do separate weight work apart from SYSTM I do find the strength workouts within SYSTM to be very good. I have completed all of the levels and the Dynamic workouts and those that focus on single leg work are really challenging and are also helpful to on bike performance.

I hope that helps!


As has been pointed out by others it is often better to do on days when you have more of a neuromuscular focus such as cadence builds or standing starts. Cadence builds you can do after strength training where as standing starts you should do before.
If working accessory muscle groups and upper and lower core done then doing two of those sessions on days where you have efforts should be okay. Maybe the other one at the weekend. Try and keep rest days to rest days


Thank you guys so much!