Deep analysis STRAVA

Hi. I’ve been using the web browser add-on called SAUCE now for a few weeks. It’s for free and is extremely simple to use and very powerful when you want to analyze you’re rides. I believe you need a complete for it to work. Google Strava + sauce and give it a go.



Does it work with the free version of Strava or just a paid subscription?

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Good question.

Very helpful extension.
Thanks @Magnus_M72 !

Hi. Don’t know. I pay for my Strava.

Just checked and it works for the free version of Strava. This is nice cuz I don’t see the value in paying for Strava (not a KOM hunter and don’t really care that much about segments). FYI, it also works in Safari if you’re a Mac user and dont want to switch to another browser.

Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing @Magnus_M72 !


Just checked it out on Firefox and it works. Cool!

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