Best Companion Apps for Analytics

I was wondering what other apps are others using for more in-depth analysis? Currently, I subscribe to Xert for my additional analysis. I like the adaptive training information. Are there better apps for analysis out there? My workouts are coming almost exclusively thru SYSTM but occasionally I use Wahoo Fitness or Xert.

Hi… i use trainingpeaks desktop software (WKO5). Truthfully, it’s a bit overkill for me and what I do but if i need something, I know it’s in there.

You might be able to score a Holiday special for 30% off. It’s a one time purchase (not a subscription) with updates for around $150.

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I use GoldenCheetah. It’s OpenSource and available for all major platforms. At first it might be a bit difficult to understand but there are lots of tutorials, videos, …


If all your data is going to strava or garmin, you can link to, free and useful


Since I already share data to Strava, I’ll probably start there. I think I will also take a peak at the other suggestions (Training Peaks, Golden Cheetah). I‘ve got a lot of time on my hands and enjoy looking at numbers. In my professional life, I was a financial guy (Controller, CFO).

1 Like is another option. It adds another level to Strava data, and there is a free or paid version.

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Thanks for this suggestion. I hadn’t heard of, and it’s awesome!


My pleasure, it bugs me a little at the moment, there are a lot of smaller operations out there like intervals, trainerday, join, and you could even include xert in this lists, that have good/interesting products, but don’t make the cycling mainstream news channels, as talking about them doesn’t generate the clicks that the already popular sites do …

… sorry, rant over … enjoy

I went ahead and downloaded this one as well. I have quick a bit of overlap between, and Xert. I just need to figure out which I prefer. Xert has the advantage of its own workout library although it comes at a cost.

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I am now utilizing I was wondering if you could give me any insight on the W value. Not sure I totally understand it. I updated my value in settings, but don’t see where it changed anything in the workout detail.

Sorry, I don’t know my W value, so haven’t filled it in (which is the best way), intervals has a good forum so you would be best ask somebody in there

Thanks. I searched the forum and found where you can get the value to enter in settings. If you’re interested, you can get an estimated value from the power page. I entered it under settings, but it didn’t really appear to update any of the workout data.

I have posted the question on the forum so maybe I’ll get an answer.

Do we have a forecast on when Systm may be upgraded with analytics capabilities? When Systm was released, I seem to remember a promise of analytics capabilities coming to the app 'later in 2021".


I read the same thing. I’m hoping it’s coming soon.

Has anyone ever had an issue with a workout updating to The workout is showing in SYSTM, Strava and, but not I have tried reloading to Strava, but nothing changed.