Defender Soundtrack

I went thru and tried to find all of the music from Defender on Spotify.

With the help of Shazam I found all but three songs on Spotify. One of the three I was able to find in Apple Music, one on YouTube, and one on Jamendo. But since they weren’t in Spotify I couldn’t get these 3 into the playlist.

Here is the list as provided by The Sufferfest on their now extinct website, courtesy the

Here is my Spotify playlist:

Here are the songs I found and the name of the artist as shown by Spotify (not always the same):

  1. Move With It - Oh the Larceny
  2. Song For the Weekend - Ben Kilgore
  3. **Reckless - **The Spin Wires (missing from “official” playlist)
  4. A Way for Us - KAINA
  5. Girls Like You - The Spin Wires
  6. Fix of Mine - Diamond Youth
  7. Ahead of It - Mr Harrison and the Congregation
  8. Through Different Eyes - CHPTRS
  9. Made Up v1 - Full Mix - Logue Ihn et al
  10. **Anything Will Do - Drop Alive (found on YouTube)
  11. Feed the Machine - *Run With Bulls (different artist name)
  12. …Keep Dreamin’ - Diamond Youth (slightly different song name)
  13. We Will Run - *Waken (different artist name)
  14. Together We are Undefeated (Trailer Music) - Hollywood Film Music
  15. Never is Now - Sinkhole
  16. Don’t You Know Who I Am - Midnight Riot
  17. Chasing an Echo - Angls
  18. Love With Your Life (Capitol Kings Remix) - *Hollyn (different artist name; listed artist name was the remix not the artist)
  19. Life Rhythm - *Majed Salih (artist name spelled a bit different; found on Apple Music)
  20. **Runaway - JCRZ (found on Jamendo)
  21. *Richter - *Makeup and Vanity Set (different song title and artist; is definitely not Elektrobeat by Luigi Talluto)
  22. Life is a Cycle - *Casely and the Jank (different artist; also found with original artist name on YouTube)
  23. A Way For Us - KAINA

Given how many times you rode Defender last year, you could probably sing the soundtrack from memory!


Nearly! :grin:

I can pick out the point in each song where they transition - or don’t - and know which song is coming next. And I can picture the video in my head while listening to the songs.

Tho I didn’t ride it many times since February, so it’s faded a little bit. But it all comes back pretty quickly when I do. :laughing:


Speaking of which… I was listening to the playlist and realized there seemed to be a song missing after “Sing for the Weekend”.

Sure enough. Just rode thru the video and found there is another song that wasn’t shown in the SUF site song list. So I’ve added it into the number 3 spot. “Reckless” by Spin Wires.

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And I’ve also identified the dramatic music clips leading into intervals 2 and 3 and added them to the playlist now too.

Made Up v1 (full mix) leads into interval 2.

Together We are Undefeated (Trailer Music) leads into interval 3.

I think that at least identifies all the music in the video. Only 3 of the songs aren’t included in my Spotify Playlist because they aren’t available on Spotify.