Deleting Old Data

Hello, SUF Team.

Im returning to Sufferfest after a long break, almost 2 years.

After resubscribing and checking out my profile i felt it would be good to have a clean slate, however i cannot see any option to “reset” my profile.

Is there any way of scrubbing my previous 4DP results and badges? or must i live with the shame of not being anywhere near my previous ability?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ZiggyDawg,

We don’t have a way to delete old profile data. Don’t look at it as a shameful thing! Just start working your way back up there. I’m in the same boat with you!


Maybe off topic (and I’m not trying to cause aggravation) but how does that fit with GDPR? If someone leaves the nation (Oh! The horror) are you not obliged to remove any data pertaining to them (i.e. Suf can keep the workout data for analysis as long as it is anonymous) ?

I don’t want to cause confusion regarding our privacy policy so I’ll link to that here.

If you unsubscribe, your data doesn’t go anywhere, just in case you were to return to SUF. If you request that we delete your data, we delete your account and data. We do this at the database level so there isn’t an option at this point for a user to delete their own data.


Thanks. I was just wondering.