Applying results from older FF no longer possible

So this is sort of a feature (restoration) request and a question.

Back in the Before Times, a Sufferlandrian could look at their previous FF results and apply those results to their workout profile. It seems this option is no longer available.

I realize I could manually edit them but wonder if this option was removed intentionally or if it could be restored?

I ask in part too because, for the past few days or so, SYSTM is telling me on the Plans page that my workout profile has estimated values (it doesn’t). What it does have is NM and AC from my last FF, and MAP and FTP from my last HM.

I realize of course I could just do FF…


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Hey Glen, I was able to do this a couple of months ago…apply prior FF results. I wonder how recent this change is.

Hmm. I’ve never done it but I remember the option being available in SUF. Due to probs was thinking of doing it again but no luck.