Deleting Workouts... + Recovery HR Option + Preview Video Option

So last night I reconfigured the Pain Cave, and today when I began Angels, My Kicker was showing Zero watts, yes, I was actually pedaling, so after a few minutes of waiting for it to register, I stopped the workout to unplug power to the Kicker and count to 10 and plug back in.

It did solve the watts display issue, but, now the workout had saved. Not sure if I did that accidentally.
I found the Angels Video and “re-did” the workout properly, but I can’t delete the saved workout.


Idea/Suggestion: When the workout ceases it automatically goes to the blue “save workout” option, is there a wait 60 seconds for Recovery HR data option you guys can add?

Idea/Suggestion: Previewing Videos
I have been looking at the some of the strength training videos to see what’s in store and what I might need, and if I’m able to handle, at current fitness level, but then when I exit it marks as completed.

Is there a “preview workout” option I’m missing.
Or after clicking Finish Workout to exit, instead of just save workout … exit without saving. I’m unfortunately saving workouts of 45sec - 3minutes that aren’t truly being completed.
Would like to delete those from activities/awards calculations.



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I preview videos a lot. When I’m done I click Finish Workout and then choose the Delete Workout option bottom right. Job done, nothing recorded. That’s on desktop anyway, no idea about :apple:.

You can also delete activities from the Passport. Just select the activity then click the bin icon top right.

As for your first request - not exactly what you want but you can choose to resume the workout and then rewind a bit if you want to keep riding.


I was trying to remove them from the “Calendar” View.
Missed the bin in activities view.

Problem solved!

Thank you sir!



Yeah, those three dots that you get when you click on a completed workout in the calendar really should offer delete as an option. Or, well, anything! I’m sure it’ll be cleaned up in the next version. Happy to hear you’re sorted and can get back to the right kind of Suffering.