Disappearing vertical scroll bar

I seem to always lose the right-hand vertical scroll bar - or rather, it disappears. I believe this happens both in the SYSTM software and on the systm.wahoofitness website. I am not sure why, and I think this happened to me even with the SUF software. I am a Win10 user with Firefox primarily. Closing/restarting solves this. Does anyone else have this issue?

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Yup in Chrome

Yeah same happens here in the calendar and when the vids are running

No scroll bar in Windows app. New app download, Chrome, Win 10.

No scroll bars anywhere in Windows 10 app…does anyone know if it’s a bug or on purpose? I use GameStream on a Shield TV when Suffering, and the controller does not have a mousewheel-type scroll function, so the interface gets painful fast. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Same, no scroll bars in Windows 10 app, very painful because I use a touch pad when I’m on the bike, keeps me from picking out any workout except the first couple.

I hadn’t noticed the lack of scroll bars in the app. With a mouse, I use the scroll wheel. Without a mouse, I drag on the touch screen. Without a mouse or touch screen, the keyboard Pg Up and Pg Dn buttons work.

Up & down works to scroll, but when you’re at the start of a workout & in the Device connection tab - the scroll keys will change your power bias at the same time. It’s not a bug & is part of the program, but I find that really annoying that the scroll is doing 2 things in 2 separate fields. I submitted a “complaint” about the lack of scroll bars because I think they’re more useful when available as opposed to omitting them to make the interface look “clean”.

There’s some other discussion about it over here: https://wahoox.forum.wahoofitness.com/t/devices-tab/14008

If your laptop accepts gestures (most) , you should be able to use two fingers (hence why it called the two finger scroll), I would struggle without it

Enable Two Finger Scrolling Windows