Do another 4 week MAP block, it's the same workouts?

I’m finishing a 4 week MAP block. If I want to do another 4 week MAP block and set it up by going through the plan wizard, I get the same exact plan. Is there a way to get a 4 week MAP plan with different workouts?

@Saddlesaur Check out this thread for some suggestions on substitutions.

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Hey, thanks. That’s really good info, but it is along the lines of what I figured I’d have to do, which is manually switch out workouts. I could have asked my question better. My intent is mainly to get variety, rather easier or harder workouts. I assume I could appropriately change the difficulty by redoing a FF or manual adjusting my numbers, but I’d get the same set of workouts.

For the hard workouts in a plan, often Sufferfest, seeing them again is generally OK, it’s the workouts that have movies or documentaries accompanying them that I don’t necessarily want to see again. Of course I can simply turn of the vid and watch something else during that workout, which is what I have done.

I think it’d be great if SYSTM gave you a choice of a number of plans with the same objective, but different sets of workouts. In my specific case, say, there’d be a choice among four 4-week MAP plans, all with the same objective but with different individual workouts.

@Saddlesaur It is actually pretty easy to swap out videos now versus the SUF platform. Yes you have to manually do it but you can delete the prior video and then search for something within the category that is similar in time and effort. I managed to get the Inspiration badge by doing this and saw a lot of good content along the way.

I’m not sure I follow. I have turned off the video in a workout and used the data overlay watching Youtubes, but how would I delete a vid and use a different SYSTM video in a workout?

@Saddlesaur In the calendar view, select the 3 dots on the right side of the workout and a menu will pop up allowing you to select reschedule or remove. See the picture below.

I have actually already rescheduled Giro d’Italia Donne 1 to Saturday from Sunday as it is still within the 50 hour window and I prefer to start the tour earlier.

To add a new workout go into the library and select the workout - again look for the 3 dots and a button will pop up that you can select to add to the calendar.

So let’s say you have Dogs Life 1 coming up but have already seen it. You look through the Insiration videos and see that Dogs Life 2 has around the same duration and TSS. Just delete and replace.

This also works really well for scheduling additional yoga and core work if that is your thing. Personally I try to do yoga every day and core work 2 or 3 times a week and have added some of those additional videos during the tour.

Finally if you go into the library there are a bunch of videos on app functionality in the Getting Started section that you might find helpful.

I see. I have already moved workouts or substituted other workouts for existing workouts in a plan selecting replacements based on the usual workout metrics. I’ve also turned off accompanying videos and watch videos from other sources during a workout. That’s what led me to start this thread. As far as I can tell, SYSTM has only one 4 week MAP plan. I assume this is true for the other 3 4DP metrics. What I’m looking for is SYSTM to provide more than one plan.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the human bandwidth to provide multiple training plans for the same objective. Your best options are the ones already mentioned, but please, feel free to drop your request into the “Feature request” channel of the forum so we can log it as something our users are asking for and consider it for future work.


Yep. A low priority on the wish-list. I think I’ll be doing another 4 week MAP plan after just finishing one so figured I’d ask if there was an automated way to mix it up. Evidently not. Repeating the workouts is NBD, but it’s mainly the Inspiration and recovery vids that I’d mostly not want to repeat. I’ll swap those workouts out or turn the vids off an watch something else. Of course having a whole new set of workouts would be more inspiring.

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