Multiple Building Blocks

Hi, I’m new to SYSTM training plans having previously used Trainer Road and Today’s Plan. So having done a 6 week foundation, I completed a FF test and was recommended to improve my MAP. Just completed a 3 week MAP block (2:1) and want to continue with another. However if I create a new 3 week MAP plan, many of the workouts are the same as my earlier block. This seems a little tedious. Shouldn’t there be more variety? Does the training system recognise the blocks that have already been completed? Do I have to edit the workouts manually?

Grateful for any advice. Thanks!

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That’s a common criticism of Systm. You can certainly find and choose another workout to do, but the tools to do that are pretty weak. For example, you can’t search on TSS and IF, so you basically filter workouts on Category and duration to look at the list to find something suitable. What’s been asked for by many is for Systm to offer alternatives to each workout in the plan. It could provide a list in order of suitability to the goal for that day.


@drwolf If you do a general plan like all purpose road you will still work on MAP. I would suggest staying with general plans and if you find you are not responding in a specific area then that may be the time for a block.

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Tedious is state of mind. Most of the workouts on Trainerroad are also the same they just create almost identical duplicates with different names and levels.

What variety do you feel is missing?

No, SYSTM does not recognise blocks that have already been completed. Its worth doing a Half Monty ramp test or the FF prep week plan after the building block is finished to update your FTP and MAP values.

You can search the workout library for an alternative but similar workout, its also worth search the forum for alternatives that people have found work well or offer similar stimulus.

In the old app, you could sort the workouts by 4DP category and star level. That made it easier to narrow your focus.

One of the many things that disappeared, and did not reappear.


Can’t you still sort by 4dp and rank by TSS?

Within each 4DP category, it was ranked by number of stars.

Now you just get all workouts with a MAP emphasis, but there is no sorting by stars.
Sorting by TSS is not the same because some MAP workouts have more FTP emphasis than others. That may get you want you want, but it may not.


Yeah tss sorting may or may not get you anywhere close to what you need.


Thanks all for your replies. For now I’ll create another 3 week block and use your suggestions for finding approximate equivalents for the workouts that I’ve already done, especially those with video. Feels too soon to be repeating FF.

I see that others have asked for the facility to identify alternative workouts so hopefully we’ll see something soon :crossed_fingers: