Do I Go Above Suggested Levels

When I am doing a session where there are short high intensity levels suggested do I stick to those levels even though I can easily go higher. For example, I may have a 60 sec level of 240 watts suggested where my FTP is say 190 watts but I could keep up say 270 watts for that minute. Do I do that or stick to the 240 watts suggested? I realise that on short sprints say 5- 20 secs for example you go all out but what about the longer efforts. thanks

It depends on the workout, but usually the power levels are set where they are for a reason to get the most out of each workout. And usually even if the first efforts seem doable the later efforts at the same level don’t feel as easy and often feel nigh impossible.

And if you’re doing Revolver or Half is Easy and the levels are set at 240w for each interval, but you can easily do 270w on every single one of them, then you are due for a retest and need to make an appointment to redo Full Frontal asap!


To add: of the session has multiple intervals with short rest times, they get harder as you go.

Exception: for Violator, use level mode and go all out on every interval.