Seated Sprints

Hi can someone clarify the effort levels in in the "seated sprints 2 sets x 5 @10s please. The description says 10s @ 180% FTP with HR >105% . Is that what you should be aiming for or should you go all out regardless. I am no sprinter at 68 years old but I have just hit nearly 13 watts a kilo (60 kg) on one of the sprints approx 400% FTP or should I reign it in a bit and reach a power that I can hit on every sprint. cheers (bloody hard though)

@ozmadman It seems like the workout is advertised as a toned down version of Violator but perhaps you might have the option to go harder if you feel you can. I am copying @Coach.Andy.T to get his thoughts.


Hey @ozmadman ,
The idea of the workout is NM efficiency in hitting a high power, not necessary to go all out. It’s not designed to be a really hard workout. It pairs nicely with a strength training session while allowing for plenty of recovery for the next day. Hope this helps.



Thanks, so I overdid it somewhat then!! I will reign it in so I can be more consistent over the full 10 efforts in future



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