Micro Intervals/tempo 2x12

Hi just done the micro Intervals/ tempo 2x12 +20 minutes tempo workout. The instructions mention the power targets/HR for each short sprint specifically as a percentage of FTP. Just to mention one target. The first one says 18 secs @200% of FTP. For me I have my FTP set at 200 watts until I do a fitness test, so this target should read 400 watts as I have the workout set in ERG mode and nothing is mentioned about doing this in level mode. In reality this target was only 289 watts and the same thing was happening along all of the target amounts, basically a lot lower that what was shown in the instructions. I ended up changing to level mode for the second set and hitting each one as best I could going above the target amounts. Surely if a workout mentions percentage targets in the instructions and presuming that it should be done in ERG mode unless otherwise mentioned then those targets should be programmed into the workout correctly so you hit the correct targets?