Do Multi Sport Training Plans Focus on 4DP Weaknesses?


I’m set up to start a ½ Ironman training plan. 4DP says I’m A Rouleur type rider with a weakness in my MAP, which acts as a ceiling on my FTP. It advises to raise my MAP. I know the training plan gives me the target power based on my 4DP.

My question is…is the plan adjusted to help improve my particular weakness in MAP? My sense is no it doesn’t, it only sets the MAP targets based on my 4DP. If I’m correct how do I improve on my MAP while following the ½ Ironman plan? Thanks!

In my experience (having MAPed all winter), if your MAP is flagged as your weakness, your plan will focus you on MAP-intensive efforts. I know them all now… :grimacing:

I (happily) saw solid gains to my MAP in my HM the other day.

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I believe the workout selection for training plans is slightly different from those who have different weaknesses. Your 4DP levels drive the individual power targets in the workouts that appear in your plan.

thanks @jfc and @CPT_A. I too chose a MAP focused plan over the winter (i know them all too), and saw good gains in MAP, for that type of program there is a focus on weakness. Although improvement, another evil FF test told me I still can improve in MAP. It’s when choosing a Multi-Sport Plan I’m suspicious about whether it targets weakness. It certainly sets targets based on 4DP as you say. We’re on the same page so far I think. Thanks.

Hey @Bill_C , perhaps your suspicions here regarding the multisport plans are also due to there being fewer bike workouts planned per week compared to a cycling-specific plan? There may be fewer differences in plans between two people with different weaknesses.

(Depending on comparing similar volume plans, of course.)

Yup, I agree. I’m hoping a coach will chime in. I’m thinking I’m going to have to exchange some of the swim/run workouts for a few MAP bike workouts. That would be just fine. I don’t like swimming much and like running even less…Put them all together though and I it’s rather fun. don’t ask.

Hey all,
The multisport plans do not directly target your weakness based on your 4DP like the cycling plans. BUT, I’ve written the plans so that they’re heavy on the MAP workouts in the season prep plans (especially in the first half of the plan, with some AC & NM added into the second half). The event prep plans also start with MAP workouts then transition into FTP based workouts that are more specific to race needs. This was done in an effort to bump that MAP up at the beginning of the plan before getting into the FTP workouts. So I’ve tried to address the needs of triathletes from both of those aspects especially knowing that working your MAP prior to FTP is a great benefit to your FTP.
Hope that answers your questions?!


Hi Suzie,
Yes it answers my question completely. I suspected it didn’t target a 4DP weaknesses, but by luck (or by me fitting into a general triathlete population) the MAP is targeted early by design. I’m looking forward to jumping into the plan in a weeks time.

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