Sustained effort training plan oriented (?)


I’m in my 7th week of my first novice all-purpose road TP (and first cycle training ever). I increased my FTP and MAP on the mid-plan half-monty and I never skipped a training, so I’m on track. My main weakness from 4DP is sustained effort, and I gave up in two trainings where this weakness is well exposed: “A very dark place” and “Fight Club”. I had to shamefully quit Sufferlandria.

My intention was to start a new All purpose TP in intermediate level after the completion of this one, but I’m just wondering if there is a TP with a specific focus on my weakness. I checked the TP but they are event-oriented, not skill-oriented (except power or climbing)

Yes, if you go to training plans> special focus> building blocks, you can pick from 3 or 4 week blocks focusing on either Temp, Base, FTP. MAP or AC/NM.

my 1st FF test revealed a MAP weakness so I jumped straight into a 4 week MAP building block.

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Ah yes, I missed this one. Were you happy with your MAP increase ?

239 to 245 in a month.


Hi arthur,

If you FTP remains your weakness at the end of the training program, you can start again the All purpose training plan. It will focus on your FTP again but with fresh numbers. Otherwise, just like JGreengrass said, you can pick a TP from the Building blocks.
If it is your first training plan ever, I might take one week riding at a lower intensity so you can be fresh and rested before starting a new training plan. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day :grinning:

Hi Arthur,
I had have the same weakness . I devised my own plan where I would tackle three of the four rides recommended, each week .I had 3 days of Yoga and a rest day to complete my week.
I did this for a three week block, took a recovery week and then started the special focus plans mentioned by JGreengrass

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I have also had a sustained effort weakness for ages, so am now in the middle of the Time Trial plan and it has been great. Well, except for the part about relentlessly hammering my sustained effort weakness.

I have no desire to do a time trial, but the work involved has really helped me physically and mentally push through longer efforts, with the mental side being probably the biggest barrier. As I have proved to myself that I can do it, it becomes a lot easier to do!!

Good luck,