Training plan suggestion

Hi I did the 4DP yesterday and as a result I got Pursuiter and as weakness I got Sustained efforts. I would like a general fitness plan (with yoga and strenght training) that helps me improve my weaknesses, but also gives me enough freedom in weekends to go MTB or backcountry skiing… What do you think? Thanks a lot and great app! Love it!

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Hey Cristina,

Nice job on getting your Full Frontal done! In the plans library, we tailor the plans to your 4DP weakness (you can check this in the top right of the plans tab).
I would say we have the perfect plan for you would be:

All-Purpose Road and you can select your level and option (You can select indoor and outdoor here but to add strength you will need to do this separately from the Cross-Training section- I would go for 2 sessions a week as we want to make sure you are not scheduling too much and running the risk of over training). You can also choose to add in yoga and mental toughness.

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perfect thx! For the weekends I see there are a lot of steady rides which I can swap with skiing or mtb and then recover on mondays!