Triathlon Plan Automated Weakness Focus

So I just started using sufferfest and really enjoy it since I’m a big believer in training energy systems and not just numbers. I knew Vo2 was my weakness via other testing protocols, so it was no surprise when the 4DP revealed the same result so that gave me a lot of faith in the 4DP test itself.
Anyways, I was looking at the triathlon plans and realized that the swim and run workouts weren’t quite what I was looking for since they’re considerably less than the volume I find good results from. However I still want to have some sort of tri-bike plan for my weekday intervals. I read that the “all road” plan will automatically make workouts that focus on your weakness, but I haven’t read anything that indicates the triathlon plan would do the same?
Currently I’m just picking MAP focused workouts progressively on my interval days, but curious if anyone had an opinion on whether or not I should just keep going down that road or if the tri-plan bike workouts will customize to what needs work.

Of note, I train specifically for 70.3’s
My weekly bike schedule is currently:
Tuesday - 5/5 MAP focus
Thursday - 3-4/5 MAP focus and lower IF
Sat or Sun - 3.5-4.5 long ride – self prescribed/designed (mostly Z2 w/ short hard intervals sprinkled every other weekend, but will incorporate more long tempo intervals closer to races)

Let me know what you all have experienced or think I should do moving forward with my weekly sufferfest workouts.