Does it make sense to adapt the TT program to one' s weaknesses?

Hi there,

I did my fifth FF and my Rider type is for the first time Attacker (after having been Pursuiter and then Time Trialist). I am 48 and training for TT between 12 and 20 km.

My weakness is sustained (certainely because I have a lot of room between my FTP and my MAP) and my strength repeated effort.

When I look at the recommended effort for my weakness and the workouts in my TT Advanced Plan, I only find one of them (just Thin Air once). Regarding the workouts for my strength, I find at least 2 of them in the Programm.

Would it be possible to replace some of the workouts in the TT Plan with workouts really aimed to increase my steady state economy ? For example replacing Sprint/Threshold/Sprint: 2 x 7, The Shovel, SUF Idol, Revolver.

Perhaps I am wrong focusing on raising my FTP in regard of my Vo2Max.

@Coach.Mac.C : Is it the things a customized Training Plan would do for me ?

Many thanks for your comments.

Regards from Switzerland.


I know it may seem counter intuitive to be doing MAP or AC work for a TT plan, but essentially you are giving up some volume for intensity - still some 9hr weeks in there though so fairly high volume I imagine by sufferfest user standards. I listened to a podcast recently that cited a study of athletes comparing polarized or pyramidal plans - basically one group did either Easy+sweet spot/threshold or Easy+HIIT, and the HIIT group did better in a 40k TT.

If you’re interested I’ll try and find it for you.

Hey @flongchamp ,
Your weekend rides will take care of your concerns regarding steady state economy. The end result of the plan will be an improvement in your time trialing. Keep in mind, the rides suggested for improving your weakness do not include the NoVid/Outdoor workouts or the GCN rides. A customized plan from a coach can swap out workouts, but the the key workouts during the week will have a similar emphasis as the original plan.
This article by @Coach.Neal.H focuses on the TT in the triathlon but also applies to TT cyclists:

Hope this helps.


Hi @Coach.Spencer.R , thank your for your comment and thé Lino to thé article fromage @Coach.Neal.H I did already read.

My goal was not to replace most Workouts with FTP workouts (and the one I mentioned were not steady state workout) but to as a touch of more FTP workout because my ftp is quite low in comparaison with my MAP. So I thought I have some room for improvements.

I already did twice the TT Plan and my FTP didn’t go up.


Hey @flongchamp ,
I hope you aren’t misunderstanding what I wrote and I apologize if I wasn’t clear. I am not suggesting you replace any of you weekday rides with steady state but that the plan in it’s entirety is geared to make you a better time trialist and that you don’t need/want to focus exclusively on your weakness (it’s just the starting point for the plan).
Now having said that and you’ve not seen progress after 2 plans it may be time for some experimenting. One option is to manipulate recovery by going to a 2on/1off plan. A second option is to add strength training. A third option is to insert a 3 or 4 week FTP Building Block.


Hi @Coach.Spencer.R ,

Progress has not been where I thought it would be with the TT program (weakness was already “sustained”). I made progress in NM (1142 → 1234) and in AC (519 → 565).

Since I had a lot of trouble at the masters nationals in June, I was looking for a way to improve.

Last year I did a 4 week FTP block, which may explain why my result was a little better at the FF which took place 2 weeks later.

The 3/1 pace still suits me quite well for the moment.

As far as strength goes, I did the program over the winter but while it was good, it was a lot of fatigue.

Maybe one explanation for the lack of progress, even though everything has a ceiling, is that I almost always trained in TT position from February to June. This without having done the FF or HM in this position before May. The thresholds were high and I had arbitrarily dropped a few percent.

As I have no problem with the TT position, I decided this time to stay in the normal position until the HM of the program and then change to the end of the program.


Hey @flongchamp ,
Consider scheduling a chat with one of our coaches or a customized plan to give her/him a better picture of your training/racing history and events on the horizon.
It will give you a better direction in your training in order to reach your goals.


Hi @Coach.Spencer.R ,

Regarding the chat with one of the coaches that I think would be a good option. Does the coach have access to my Sufferfest account to see the programm I allready followed and to the different FF et HM test results ?

Is it a Zoom Call or only sound call ? What languages are possible ?


Hey @flongchamp ,
The coach has access to your SUF account and can see all you test results. The call is either Zoom or Google Meet, your choice. Language choice includes: French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.


@Coach.Spencer.R Great !