TT Training plan substitutions

I’ve just completed the TT with strength plan with a successful (for me!) TT. I still have races left on the calendar, before doing a couple of hill climbs in the autumn. I therefore have the rough plan of doing the last 8 weeks of the TT plan then the MAP building block. To make some progression rather than doing the exact same block again, I’ve made some substitutions by either adding a little more zone 2 work or extending the weekday endurance rides. Below is the frost 3 weeks of the plan as it now stands.

Monday: Tempo high cadence 4x3
Wednesday: Endurance 1.5 (increased for an hour endurance)
Thursday: FTP/MAP builds 8x3
Saturday: Blender
Sunday: Endurance 2

Monday: Standing starts 6 x 20s (changed from standing starts)
Wednesday: The Bat
Thursday: Chasing Legends (changed from a 1 hour zone 2/3 inspiration ride)
Saturday: FTP Progression 3: 5x8, Open 60
Sunday: Endurance 3

Monday: Defender
Wednesday: The Holy Week, Open 30 (added open 30 from original plan)
Thursday: 14 Vice Grips
Saturday: Cobbler
Sunday: Endurance 4

My weakness is MAP though, and I’m wondering if there might be a difference substitution I could make that would help to push this area a bit more. I’m particularly looking at The Bat in the second week.

I’m not sure about doing the MAP block now as I’ve responded well by adding a bit more volume to my mid week rides, rather than adding more intensity, but I’m open to suggestions and advice :pray:t2:

Follow the plan. If you need a custom plan, please reach out to the coaches and see what you can do. The plans are tailored to your weaknesses ‘out of the box’. BTW, The Bat addresses VO2 Max and NM.