Does it matter when I add a plan?

I added the criterium plan to my calendar to start immediately after the half monty full month fit test week.

The full monty went better than expected, my sprint is down 400w but it’s still at 850w, but my ftp is almost half what it was before COVID. The recommendation was to improve map before I should target ftp, and they specifically called out 9 hammers (which I love). But it’s not in the criterium plan at all.

Should I remove it and add the plan back in, or will that not make any difference? Does it only adjust each session in a plan to our 4dp, or does it adjust the overall planned seasions to our 4dp?

(Sorry, long background for a simple question).


You can preview a new version of the same plan and see if there are any differences in the selected workouts.

I don’t know exactly how the plans select workouts, but if your rider type and identified weakness haven’t changed after the recent Full Frontal, then I suspect the workouts will remain the same. The power targets will, as you stated, be adjusted based on your most recent test results.