Upload plan on bolt

Good morning, would it be possible to transfer the training to our wahoo gps bike computer to do the sessions outdoors?

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It’s not possible at the moment as far as I know

Not possible yet but is another feature high on the list of features we’ll be bringing in hopefully soon


I look forward to this feature. As a workaround until then:

I use TrainerDay (free account), I have my FTP in there, then you will find people have “copied” Sufferfest/System workouts that are automatically scaled to your FTP. You can then download them as a .mrc and manually copy them onto the Bolt (USB cable to the device). This sounds like quite a lot of work, but I find that I have a few of the common workouts that work outside on my bolt, so sometimes swap to one that is close to that in my calendar. Of course these will not be tailored as well as the System workouts, but when you are training outside it is likely to be a bit hit-and-miss anyway. I have found a nice 1 hour loop from my house that is mostly flat, traffic free (ish) and no traffic lights, so that works quite well.

I doubt this is something that Wahoo would officially endorse, and I am not sure if TrainerDay are breaking copyright (I guess it is difficult to prove they are identical so it is only the name of the workout). However, I feel that if I keep paying my System subscription I am not doing anything that is depriving Wahoo of anything until they get this feature in place.

Just a note on how to transfer to the Bolt. I am on a Mac (so different for Windows, but possibly easier). I use OpenMTP app which is designed to work with Android, and this allows me to see the filesystem on the Bolt. You need to have the Bolt on to transfer files. Then in the top level you have a directory on the Bolt called “Plans”. I just drop the .mrc files from TrainerDay into there, disconnect from computer; then you need to “sync” on the bolt so that it sees the new workout files.

@Martin_Reed TrainingPeaks also has structured workouts within the training plans that can be transferred to the Bolt or any other head unit. They are incorporated into the legacy Sufferfest plans.

I am not sure if you need a paid subscription to get all of the features. The structured workouts also easily transfer to RGT via workouts@rgtcycling.com.

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If you transfer the mrc files via USB are you able to delete them from the Bolt at a later date?

I’ve never tried doing this because I’m sure I read somewhere that you cannot delete files put on the Bolt using USB?

I have successfully gone Trainer Day(free account) → Training Peaks (free account) → wireless sync to Bolt (actually Roam in my case). The restriction of using a free TP account in this way is that you have to basically push from TD to TP on the day you want to run the workout. This is because the free TP account limits how far into the future you can schedule workouts (happy to be told that I’m wrong about that though!)

Thanks for all the ideas offered. yesterday I did a test, I created my own training on trainerday and sent to trainingpeak (free) it was sent to my bolt. Works


I have just checked, when you delete a workout from the USB connection they do get deleted.

I used to use the TrainerDay approach, but found that I only used a few common workouts from the plan (about 10) and have uploaded all of them. That saves having to push to TrainerRoad every time.

Loading the workouts from TrainerDay and looking at the copies makes me realise why Wahoo have not done it before. Many of the Systm workouts have odd little tweaks in the power level that make lots of sense on an indoor trainer e.g. Revolver is essentially a one-minute on, one-minute off workout, but it has some nasty little tweaks at the end of a couple of the intervals. Those tweaks are fine on an indoor trainer, but probably not what you want on an outdoor ride as too many beeps (or spending time looking at the unit) is not a good idea. Some users have uploaded simplified versions on TrainerDay that make more sense to me and I tend to use those. This makes me realise that if Wahoo were to push workouts to the head unit they would have to implement equivalent types of rides, not the exact same workouts as the Systm platform. I wish them luck with that!

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@Martin_Reed That is a great point and I agree - I suspect that the focus will be on getting the NoVid rides to transfer for outdoor rides with perhaps some of the other SUF workouts transferring to RGT where the issue won’t present itself.

Thanks for taking the time to check this - much appreciated.

Yes, like you I come down to a smallish number of workouts you do again and again so using USB and leaving them permanently on the Bolt/Road makes sense. I’ll try that route with confidence now I know I can delete things!

This Feature is a MUST have for the future…Unbelievable that it’s not possible to push the workouts from the wahoo app to other devices, especially to their own wahoo device…

This is going to be game changing once we can.