Been suffering (in the wrong way) with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness i.e. walking like a baby for 3 days after hill running. Runs are usually around 20km with 2km :arrow_up::arrow_down:. Usually only 2 big ascents and descents per run. Assuming it’s mostly the descents that are causing it.

Anyway of avoiding this or is it just a case of more until body adapts?

In between is it advisable to rest, recovery rides or base? Unlikely to be able do more than that

Thinking about just walkIng the big descents before increasing the amount of running.

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For me foam rolling and yoga used to help but I know the science is a bit inconclusive on it

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Hey there.

I know that feeling !!

As (ex-)mountaineers … we come from a world where we never felt a thing. Descending with big packs off the big mtns … carry on regardless the next day …

Then we stopped going. And now if I hit the mountains for just one day, even just one single 1,000m descent, and I can’t walk for a week.

What I’ve found made it worse (so avoid if you can) - sitting in a car for 2-3 hours straight after.

Try and stretch a bit as soon as you’ve finished. I wouldn’t go murdering those quads, but loosen them and your lower back off if you can.
Get some recovery oil or equivalent and get some of that rubbed in and get your feet up.

That may lessen the onset a bit.

Beyond that, I just do yoga, light massage in the days that follow if I can, and occasionally use the bike (Z1 only) to help loosen things off.

Sadly - yes - it’s conditioning.

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Thanks for the input guys More big hills it is then!

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Hi @andrewmei,
Yes, DOM’s is a real deal. And often you don’t know until it’s too late. What you are really suffering from is a heavy dose of eccentric loading and tissue damage. Easy rides and gentle movement will help clear the damage a bit faster as you will improve circulation. Some very gentle stretching is good too. But don’t push the recovery. You essentially have mini tears in your tissue and it just takes time for your body to repair. Imagine that you had a scratch on your skin or road rash. It’s the same thing on the inside. Thankfully the human body is really good at repair. DOM’s usually subsides after about 72 hrs, give or take. But take it easy until you feel “normal” again.

And you are right on cue with walking the descents for a while. You will still be dealing with the eccentric load but at a much reduced impact. It takes time for tissue to adapt and adding loads progressively is very important for maintaining healthy tissue.
Happy healing.


Thanks @Coach.Jeff.H

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Of all the half marathons I’ve done, including my first one, the most sore that I’ve ever been after a race was the that was all downhill. I could barely walk up or down stairs for a week. So just make sure you don’t skip the downhills.