Dynamic choose your own turmoil

Would it be possible to release a virtual race video where if you hit a cadence / power target you can choose what happens? Like a Crit where theres 3 or 4 points where you can choose which move to go with or choose to attack by hitting a power range at a certain point (maybe erg turns off for this part of the peletons easy roll). If we choose not to burn matches the video shows that.
This could have multiple video outcomes and results in the standings and if you dont get it right you would just crawl to the finish.
Its a virtual race. Would need footage from multiple bike cameras and we could advance up or down the pack through them. We could have to choose which cam / line / position through the lap and if we dont hit the power cadence target for that position we could crash or lose position, going out the back to the next group to try and hang onto. At the end our choices are shown and incomprehensuble points awarded etc.
There must be a way to do this Suffer Crit. We have the technology.
Loads of possibilities here.

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