Elements of Style alternative

Quick one - any recommendations for an alternative that anyone has previously used; No Place Like Home or Tempo FTP Progressive Build ? Not fussed about the technique part of EOS, just similar stimulus/load and feel, not always obvious just from the profile. Cheers

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Well, if you’re not fussed about the technique or the video you could do it as a No-vid.
Edit: I’ll add that you can sort by IF and there’ll be loads of options in and around that of EOS. Pick one you feel like doing and you’re on your way. :sunglasses:

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Been looking at several workouts with similar TSS/IF/duration, and with a similar-ish grouping of efforts, but hadn’t thought of just doing it as a no-vid :man_facepalming: … that’s probably favourite for now, tah. TBH anything without Kirby’s narration works for me :grin:


Haha. Yeh, not everyone’s cuppa. It’s not an easy toodle around the park in any case and I can never seem to get the single leg drills down (read: pedalling squares) and I don’t care enough to work on it.


Sometimes “pedaling squares” is not the most efficient for some riders. Best to do what feels right for you.

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