Elements of Style

Hello, May seem obvious, but, do you do Elements of Style in erg or level mode? A very instructive workout by the way.

Don’t know that it particularly matters, since you’re focusing more on technique than #'s. I’ve done it both ways, but typically go in level mode because I feel like it better represents my pedal stroke.

If that makes sense.


In the spirit of “it probably doesn’t matter”, I’ve always done it in ERG. I’ve learned a lot from it.

Thanks, Ian. It does make sense.

According to this guide (saved 16.3.2021) it is supposed to be in ERG Mode. I think the Minions will bring it back in some time on the new SYSTM Page:

Here I joined it into a single image:

There is also a slightly different Version from someone else: Help finding a pdf - #2 by genolan


Many thanks for that, Thomas. Very useful.

December 27

According to this guide it is supposed to be in ERG Mode. I think the Minions will bring it back in some time on the new SYSTM Page:


I also have a second version from a pdf here with slightly different workouts:






Yes, we are all still breathlessly awaiting the publication of the promised/rumored/updated chart-of-all-knowledge.

Think I still have the .pdf version saved in about three places so I don’t lose it.

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I’m interested to know why it’s down as ERG. I’ve ridden EoS in ERG a few times but switched to level the last time which felt more natural. ERG seemed to make it impossible to keep in the same cadence/power balance. My trainer often feels like it overcompensates when it’s trying to hit the power target so I don’t know if it would be different for different trainers.

My understanding is because, in principle, it takes power out of your concentration equation and allows you to fully focus on pedal stroke and cadence.

The smart trainer will respond and adjust to pretty much keep you in line with the requested power levels (there’ll be bumps and ripples of course) but you are free to concentrate on pedaling - quite useful for the left/right bias drills.

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