Elemnt Roam v1 stops navigating after the START/STOP of Ride With GPS Loop

I’ve had my first go at navigating loops downloaded from Ride With GPS with my Elemnt Roam v1 and encountered some hiccups. Not sure if I have not yet fully understood how the Roam works with these kinds of downloaded routes or have simply done something incorrectly.

I downloaded two loop rides for an area that I am visiting. My starting point was not on the routes but not far off - perhaps a kilometre away. When I tried to use the “take me to the route feature” of the Elemnt app, I got an error measure on the Roam screen saying that it could not calculate a route. What would cause this kind of message?

I was able find my way to the routes and from that point on saw the route marked on the Roam with black chevrons and received turn-by-turn directions. However, I did not join the routes at the officially designated start/stop of the ride on the Ride With GPS map and when I reached this point the navigation stopped. No big fanfare congratulating me on finishing the ride, just no more navigation. Is this normal? Is there a way to join a route at something other than the officially designated start/stop and have the navigation continue for the whole route?

I don’t know why the “take me to the start” feature failed, regarding your other questions:

Yes, once you ride through the end of a route navigation just stops - there is an audible cue but that’s all.

If what you are asking is “I have a route where the start and end are the same point, if I join the route somewhere other than the start, when I reach the end is there a way to make it automatically continue to the point where I joined the route” I think the answer is “No”.

A workaround would be once you pass the end point manually restart navigation, ride to the point where you originally joined the route and then (manually) end navigation.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take up the error in the “take me too” option with Wahoo tech support and report back if they suggest an explanation or solution.