Roam v1 buttons malfunction

I noticed a peculiar error yesterday on my Roam v1. While trying to navigate to my selected route (chosen with “Take me to…” in the Elemnt app), all 3 smart buttons on front were not working. I was unable to answer “Yes” or “No” to Route to Start? I was unable to change pages or pause the workout when I was not on the chosen route. This happened wherever I used a route created in the Elemnt app or loaded from Strava. When the Roam auto-paused at stops, then the buttons worked. If I was on the route the buttons worked, but not if I strayed from the route.

I don’t often use the nav feature, but I was navigating in a city I was visiting. I did use nav a few weeks ago in my home area and did not observe this. Also strange was that even when I was in the route, I didn’t get turn cues or see turns listed on the Route screen. (Route was created in Strava)

I opened a support ticket for the button issue. Has anyone else seen this behavior?