End of season goal

Hi there,

I worked hard all winter and spring to get ready for my main goals of the summer season. Those (two weeks in the French Alps and a week at the Ventoux) are behind me now and my ‘problem’ is there are 8 to 10 weeks of outdoor riding left on my calendar…

How do you guys deal with what’s left of the outdoor season ? Do you set up a last objective and follow a short training plan ? Do you switch to another discipline ? Do you ride without a goal ?

I feel it’s a tad early to transition down and I realize I didn’t plan the whole season properly.

What does your end of season look like ?

This is a really good question - and also one of timing. I guess I usually try to time my “big goal” around my riding season, which usually means late September or October, as my outdoors winds down.

Given you’ve obviously already gotten yourself to good fitness for your Alps/Ventoux goal (JEALOUS!), you could probably readily handle an abbreviated 12 week prep in the 8-10 weeks you have left in your outdoor. So is there anything else you WANT to do before the season ends? I’d think you could manage anything.

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Hi @Pierre_Chalmet Wonderful that your goals took you to some amazing places to ride this year. I assume you have taken a couple of weeks of recovery and are feeling a bit stir crazy after having months of focused training.

You can use the remainder of your outdoor season to work on a weakness in your 4DP profile such as MAP building blocks while continuing to get in some long rides.

You could also look for a Sportif/Gran Fondo to focus on or a local hill climb!

Happy Training!