Organizing the season for main goal in mid-June

Hi there,

First of all, sorry for my English, I am a Spaniard guy and I am not used to write this kind of “long” texts in English.

I’ve been using Wahoo X platform during this year to prepare a mountain gran fondo (200km/4.000m). It was originally planned for june and was delayed to September due to a heat wave. I completed the Gran Fondo a couple of weeks ago and I am looking forward to improve my performance in next year edition planned for mid-June 2023.

My plan is to disconnect of from the bike a couple of months. It’s been quite stressing the last months the training + work + 2 kids. I was training hard during April and May, with my mind of relaxing the workload during summer months (enjoying the bike with no structured training in mind) and due to the delay of the Gran Fondo I had to keep training hard for some more months.

So, my plan for the months of October and November is to improve my overall strength with 3 sessions per week in the gim + 3 sessions of running and some informal outside bike riding on weekends around 2-3 hours. The idea is to practise other sports, less time consuming, that will help my disconnecting from the bike while maintaining/building some form.

The way I’ve been training has been using following training book and looking for similar training sessions in the platform, building my own typical plan: 3 months of Z2 base training + 2 months of quality with interval sessions.

This year, I would like to keep it simple following the plans from the platform. I’ve added to the calendar the “mountain fondo” plan with an end date of mid june. The plan is supposed to start at the end of march.

**My question is: ** what plan should I follow during the months of December, January, February and march? Should I repeat the 4 weeks base plan? Doesn’t seem the best idea. Base month + overall fitness? Should I stick to 3-4 endurance sessions per week increasing the weekly volume?(with a lower volume every 3 weeks)

I will have a couple of easier (120 km/2.000m) and more relaxed events in March and April.

Thank you in advance to everyone.

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