Enjoy your suffering

Hey guys and girls, I know a lot of people have struggled with various aspects of the switch to SYSTM. Some people are really annoyed by certain things, and justifiably in some cases. But keep things in perspective. We do this for our own reasons, and most of us aren’t pros, so it is for our enjoyment.

I’ve often thought of a quote I head from Emma Pooley which was

The best words of wisdom I have ever heard for moments like this were spoken by Connie Carpenter-Phinney before a sportive in Boulder, Colorado. She said something along the lines of: 'It’s a privilege to be able to choose how you suffer – not everyone has that choice. Some people have their pain forced upon them.

From where I’m sitting now, I’d do anything to go back a couple of weeks to a time when I chose how to spend my evenings.

Enjoy your time on your bike, stay fit and healthy, and tell your family and friends you love athem. Don’t stress about the other stuff, in the scheme of things it’s probably not that important.


Wise words. I hope everything goes well at home. Focus on what you need to.



Ditto. Wise words. Take care!

Thank you :pray:t2: