Eternal scapular stability

Getting back to yoga and tried scapular stability…and it doesn’t stop, it just starts again i.e. no option to save.

Anyone else had this issue? It is fair to say that, enjoyable as it was, I am not man enough to do multiple reps…


I’ve had the issue before but can’t recall if it was on that one or not. I’ve kinda fallen off the yoga mat for awhile and just now starting to get back on. Can you replicate the issue? If so, maybe submit a note to the minions

Yep good shout. It has happened three times now, just that one though.

On the bright side I guess I have more stable scapulas.

Ok the answer is to delete the download and re-download.

Quite why I did not think of that I am not sure, guess I too need rebooting.

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Is this a good video? Is it good for shoulder stability? I ask because I’m back in PT for shoulder issues, but may take a look at it once I’m discharged.

I’ve starred this one as one of my favourites. You’ll wanna make sure your PT is okay with the moves though, dont want to make things worse.

I enjoyed it, but then I have not had shoulder issues. Like others so long as you take it steady you can find your own level.

Thanks. I will review it and write down the exercises and see if they are ok.

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@andy17 Yes - sometimes you need to hit pause and save.

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