Managing an Unavoidable Break 6 weeks from Event Date

Fellow Sufferlandrians
Firstly, love the forums and posts and encouragement. Been a member for four years now and loved (kinda) every moment. First post though.
I have done many of the training programmes before and seen the benefits, but have a bit of a quandary now, I hope you can help with.
I have a 100 mile road/gravel event (c2,300m elevation) on 4 September. I am just looking to complete the event, not win it (apologies GvA). I am 6’2" and 100kg so climbs are enjoyable but tough. I had chosen the Intermediate Mountainous Gran Fondo as my training plan ending at event date.
Unfortunately an unavoidable break of 10 days (with no chance of a bike rider at all) has come onto the calendar ending 7 weeks before event date.
So multiple choice, do I:
a) just do the programme and do some run/strength over the break where I can and miss those cycling days?
b) start the programme earlier and then pick it up again on return from where I left off after the break?
c) set the programme to finish when I leave for the break and then after returning do building blocks, volcano climbing plan or even the last 7 weeks of the Gran Fondo programme again?
No right or wrong answers, but any advice would be very much appreciated.
Yours in suffering


Hi Simon,

Sounds like you’ve already got a good grasp of your training and that sounds like a great event in September!

I would train up until when you have time off and then when you get back re-apply the plan to where you were but start with a recovery week so you can get back into training and then keep working towards your overall goal.

If you ever want to discuss your training in more detail as you get closer to your event we are here to help too


Hi Rupert

Many thanks for the advice. I have had a couple of custom plans made before that have worked well for me but I reckon the Gran Fondo will suit this well, thanks.

The event is the Race to the Sea here in the Western Cape, South Africa. Should be cracking - going through the most beautiful areas.