Extended Coaching Options

I don’t know if I should post this under Training or Feature Request because it is a bit of both.

If I remember correctly, somebody from the SUF Team hinted at some possible changes to the coaching offerings in the future — or maybe this was just all in my head. Here is my question anyway:

Are there any plan for some extended coaching options in the future? If yes, would it be possible to already give us some hints?

Right now we can get customized training plans, which will give us access to a consultation before and mid plan. As I understand, it’s all still rather focused on the actual training plan itself.

Here’s the thing. At least for now, I am happy with my general training plans out of the plan builder (This will probably change next year…).

What I would like to have is a coach that will:

  • check in on my progress a bit more frequently,
  • evaluate where I am,
  • possibly check on some specific trainings and
  • is available for some general talks about nutrition, rest, gear and, of course, the training itself.

Sometimes I would just need somebody to “keep me honest” during my eating habits and execution of the training plans. Somebody to share “war stories” with.
Ha, does that make me sound lonely? :slight_smile:

I would absolutely be ready to pay for this kind of service. I do understand that the time commitment for each athlete would be higher and it could be tricky with a limited staff.

Of course an on site trainer would be favorable. But we live in a modern world where video calls and technology empowered us all to get a bit closer. And I trust in the SUF Team — without knowing you personally, yet.

I’m not quite sure myself about the specifics this kind of service could include, but it would be nice to know if there is even any point in thinking about it.

I love the forum and that all you coaches are already helping as best as you can, that’s some A+ service for free already. I just would like the experience to be a bit more tailored to mefor a price.

On the Website there is a FAQ which already states:

A: [...], then you'd be better off with our personal coaching service, launching later this year (see the last question in this FAQ list for more information on that).

BUT: I can’t find any more information. Where is “the last question?”.

What does the community here think? Is this something anybody else would be interested in?

What does the team think?


Yup :slight_smile:

It was on one of the other threads I posted much the same and we got a ‘in the pipeline’ response thankfully. I think the actual term was ‘the need is known’.

I’m hoping it arrives while I still have a job to maybe pay for such things. Suspect now though.

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Ah, thanks, Martin. So it wasn’t all in my head after all, that’s great.

Anyway, I think this topic needs it’s own thread. Hopefully we will get a more elaborate response and some personal opinions on this.

I am all up in my head with my nutrition and weight goals, advanced strength training and a newfound motivation for duathlon… Together with some personal changes coming up…
I absolutely need somebody to help me streamline all this ambition into something productive.

I’ve got ants in my pants.

Hey @Pierre, thanks for the post. You are not wrong. There are plans to extend the current SUF Coaching options as we move forward. It is just a bit too early to say exactly what it is going to look like. However, the bullet points that you mentioned are all topics being considered as part of the menu. As we scale our program up there are lots of factors to consider. First and foremost, we want to maintain the quality of the program and the consistency of the product we deliver. But I do hear you. Many of the folks we have had the pleasure of working with over the past 15 months since SUF Coaching was launched are looking for more coaching but not a full time coach. And we are responding to these requests. There is more coming… I just cant say exactly when. Sorry for the tease, but I hope this gives you something to look forward to.


Hi Folks,

any news on when this might become available?

Hi @PeterEire, sorry for the delay responding. We have expanded our current SUFCoaching options to include additional calls for both cycling and multi-sport. Sorry no date for the next service coming but we are moving forward steadily. Thanks for your interest. You can find the current options here. Customised SUF Training Plans – The Sufferfest



No worries thanks for the update. First customised plan call has taken place and kicking off soon with TOS built in. Looking forward to getting stuck into it.


Sweet! Great to have you! Enjoy!