Extra volume on 2.5 & 3.5 hour Tempo & Sub Threshold workouts

Hello. Question for the coach’s.

On the Mountain Fondo plan, there are a number of 2 to 3.5 hour Tempo & Sub-Threshold workouts with extra volume added at the end, which is mostly 1 hour +.

To get a quality workout, I’d like to complete these workouts indoors, but the thoughts of sitting on a static bike for up to 3.5 hours fills me with dread.

What are your thoughts on splitting these workouts and completing the Z2 extra volume part outdoors, either later that same day, or on another day that week?

Would doing this reduce the quality of the Tempo and Sub-Threshold workouts?

Thanks in advance!


One thing to keep in mind if these are scheduled as outdoor and not trainer rides, is that you probably can skip the added volume completely using the 2/3rds rule.

Hi @JayKay, Yep, that “extra volume” bit can be a real pain, mentally and physically. As @jmckenzieKOS mentioned, if you are doing these rides inside you can reduce the “extra volume” at the end of the ride, (by about half) as indoor you do tend to do be a bit more efficient. (Accounting for the lack of time coasting, stopping, etc.) However, I wouldn’t just skip it. At least not frequently. If an outdoor finish is an option, go for it. Just keep the effort within target. And yes, you can pick it up later as a second workout. Most folks don’t have that flexibility in time but if you do it is an option. Again, keep the intensity within range.
Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.


I forgot about the ‘outdoors’ option. Yes, if it is available, ride. We’ve had an extended period of Winter Monsoon weather and riding outside would introduce a level of Misery that you don’t want to experience, nor should (we are speaking of downpours with temperatures below 10C).

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Great advice. Thanks Coach!