Pushing to device

I really want to use SYSTM but it needs to push to my bolt and rival. There’s no point to being in a ecosystem that doesn’t exist.

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I think many of us wish for the sync with Bolt feature, but why would there be “no point” if you didn’t have that? You can put the app on your phone or other device. And I’ve used my Bolt to control resistance in level mode while in-app. Just curious why that sync requirement is your Rubicon?

I have the watch because I’m training for a triathlon and I really like the seemless transitions. I can’t swim with my phone and I don’t run with it in my hand to look at either. It just seems to me that if you have these devices that work together the training app should also work with them. TrainingPeaks does it so why wouldn’t their own app do it?


Some of the pre-packaged workouts are just about impossible to do out of doors. However, if you are asking about the out-of-doors activities, I would second that opinion. I would love to see some of the no vid workouts be uploadable as well. But things like The Rookie and most of the ProRides would not be good candidates.

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This is coming next next year, hopefully in time for the outdoor season.


Sorry @craigmoyer, my cycling homer brain missed the tri ramifications. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

(Though all of my tri buddies DO swim w their phones. They have this weird little bag/buoy thing that they clip on and follows them everywhere. A weird sight on the pond in the morning!)

I swim in a pool at the moment but yes I know what you’re talking about. but even with that your phone would be in a bag behind you and not very useful for following a workout on lol.