Featured in the Training Video

Have you been “featured” in the SYSTM training video? I have!

I thought the Tour Down Under 4 session looked very familiar. I managed to spot myself in the crowd with my kids. :grin:

PS. I’m the guy in blue on the right and yes, I live in Adelaide.


That’s awesome.

In several videos with bike mounted footage, where the camera is looking back from the bike - if you look, very very closely, really far in the distance there is a tiny, tiny dot. That could be me?!

Also: 12:33. Noted. I’m heading in right now for this session. I’ll give you a wave!


Waves hello!:wave:

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When they climb up The Struggle in thick Lake District cloud I’m standing at the KOM sign on the left. Blink and you’ll miss me :rofl:
This is where I watched a rider grab an open can of baked beans from a roadside spectator and swig it down before ditching it. Funniest thing ever… that and the ambulance needed a push😂


Here is an exclusive behind the scenes look of the session in the making… :rofl:

26 January, 2022.