SYSTM seems fine to me!

Hello Sufferlandrians!
I know we don’t NEED the badges, though I was pleased to earn 2 new badges for riding all of the ‘On Location’ videos with Mike Cotty. I have been fortunate to travel and ride a few epic routes in the regions, so I was happily motivated to try these new offerings. I have also done “Who Dares” and “Butter” for the amazing editions of Paris-Roubaix Femmes et Hommes. I also tried my legs with Alessandro Demarchi on Jebel Jais in the UAE Tour! Nice experience!The first 3 weeks of the new SYSTM have been absolutely fine for Liisa and I. We have relatively new Mac iOS MacBooks & iPhones so the transition has been seamless for us. We both love the imagery and culture of Sufferlandria, though I really like the “friggin Lazer Goats.” Nonetheless, I also like Liisa’s Sufferlandrian ‘Bleeding Eyes” jersey, especially when she is
wearing it :). This remains a great platform with even more opportunities within SYSTM. More yoga, strength and mental training is fabulous!


Just had a nice time earning a badge with Phil Gaimon. The last time @ the Rock Store I was on my motorcycle many years ago! In 2018, Liisa and I were at parked @ Kingsbury Grade road for the Amgen Tour of California near Phil’s Cookie Corner. The truck parked next to me. Katie Hall and Tayler Wiles were riding for the CG up that hill towards the finish near South Lake Tahoe. Katie finished 1st overall the next day in Sacramento. 🍀🚴‍♀️🦖


BTW - I have no idea why these photos have posted upside down, nor do I know how to correct it. In my world, they are proper. I am not currently in McMurdo either!