FF gone wrong ... can I have my old numbers and rider type please?!

Hi everyone…

I’ve tried to answer this question by searching through old topics but, despite seeing it come up occasionally, cannot find an answer.

Having a rough go of it with fitness tests this week. Completed the HM/FF week plan. Half Monty crashed halfway through, so I never got my numbers. Got in touch with support and shared the .fit file from my pedals (I occasionally record a redundant file with my pedals to check on my KICKR accuracy) and was told the sports science team would try and give me my numbers. But with the demise of the sports science team, I have not heard anything and am not holding my breath.

Just completed FF this morning and it destroyed me (even more so than usual). As it happens, I started up with soccer (my other sports passion) this week and the muscular soreness from that really limited me. I could already tell during the 5 min effort that things weren’t going well (I could feel the soreness/deadness in my legs limiting me, and not my lungs). I held on and then almost quit 5 minutes into the 20 minute effort. I decided to slog on (self talked myself into using the test to build mental strength). I’m glad I finished in the end. But I don’t think my numbers really reflect where I am. I was able to complete Rue the Day last week at my old numbers (1118/486/332/274, 75kg, attacker with VO2 weakness) but just received a sprinter profile with sustained weakness (1223/482/316/245). Given all the caveats with my FF, I’d like to get on with my plan (Mountain Gran Fondo, mid volume, 2:1) at my old numbers (or perhaps a few percentage points down) as I think those best reflect where I am.

Anyone been in a similar spot?

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You can edit each 4DP power level in the app - top left icon > My Profile > Athlete Profile.

Not sure you can do much about your rider type yourself though


@Harpoon Thanks! I am aware that I can manually fiddle with the numbers. I just don’t know how to roll back the clock or adjust the rider type.

That is really what I’m after … my anecdotal experience tells me that the the specific programs offered in the plans is sensitive to the rider type and/or weakness. Under almost every other circumstance, I would defer to the test results as empirical truth is hard to argue with (I’m an experimental biochemist myself, in fact). But in this case, I have enough heuristic knowledge to suggest that the results are anomalous (even my threshold HR was 5 beats lower than usual … I think I should have waited a week or two until my body adapted to the added load of a soccer match each week before testing) that I think it’s probably best to roll back the clock. @Coach.Mac.C , does this make any sense? And if so, how would once achieve this?

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You might be able to get this done by contacting the support minions: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

will do … but their responsiveness (which has historically been amazing) has not been great in the past week or two (I’m guessing as a result of all the layoffs). I put in a request about my half monty results (see original post) and was told they’d ask the sports science group and then … nothing. So hoping the collective wisdom of our community here could help.

Fair enough. I’m not aware of any way of changing or resetting your rider type in the app.

Well…yes, BUT - my understanding is the program is tailored to your “rider type” and/or weakness as defined by your numbers. If you go in and manually reset your numbers to your RtD numbers, your plan should “see” you as an Attacker with VO2 weakness again. I don’t believe (from experience, reading, and prior chats w the sports team) that the plans inherently modify anything based on the NAME of the rider type?

I mean, I COULD be wrong? @Rupert.H care to chime in?


You could always take FF again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually, the plans are tailored to your specific rider type and are designed to address your weaknesses and strengths. I thought there was a way to roll back a failed Full Frontal without having to retest.

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In the SUF app you could look at your old tests and reapply them. I don’t think SYSTM does that. That I know of.


Correct, you can enter values manually but these will not change the rider type you see (just like a Half Monty will not update rider type as it only has 2 of the 4 power dimensions.

If you would like you can email me your old numbers and i can put them through our internal calculator to confirm your rider type.


@jmckenzieKOS @emacdoug @CPT_A @way9e0
Thanks to all for your help and helpful suggestions! @Rupert.H Thank you for the offer. In fact, @DameEllisa was able to help me with just this: she reset my old numbers (FTP: 274, MAP: 332, AC: 486 , NM 1118, LTHR: 178) and rider type (Attacker, sustained weakness) behind the scenes. But if you’re willing to share how those calculations work, I’m all ears. I seem to bounce back and forth between sprinter/attacker rider types and sustained/VO2 weakness, and I think it’s because my numbers might be right on the edge. Because the output/result is a binary (whereas performance is a continuum), it would be helpful to understand what the breakpoints that define what one’s rider type and weakness are. If those formulae are proprietary, I understand! In that case, any light you can shed on how the work in general terms would also be great. Thanks!


I have the same experience, but I bounce between Rouleur and Climber.