What's the difference between "Rider profile" and "Workout Settings"?

I know where to see my 4DP Rider Profile and my “Workout Settings”. How do they differ? I ask because in the Half Monty faq it says the following:

The only way to update your rider profile is to take the Full Frontal Fitness Test. After completing Half Monty, you should see your new MAP, FTP, and LTHR results in your Workout Settings.

In the Workout Settings, I can manually increment the four 4DP numbers collectively but not individually. But, it sounds like all but AC will be changed individually by the HM test. True?

I’ve just finished two 4-week training blocks and intend to do the 7 day HM+FF plan to check and reset my 4DP metrics. I did the same 7-day plan when I started, which went well, so I want to do the same again. Sounds like after I do the HM, my Rider Profile 4DP will be updated and used to set targets for the subsequent FF. After the FF, my Rider Profile will be updated, and the Workout Settings will be changed to match the new Rider Profile, right?

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HM will not update your AC or your NM setting. HM won’t be able to assign you a rider type as your AC and NM are needed to determine that and only FF will do that.

In the Workout Settings you can change each individual metric by toggling the switch to allow it to do that.

I think you’ve got everything else right.

Your rider type is a name: I’m an Attacker. Your settings NM, AC, MAP, FTP & LTHR help determine your rider type.

Your profile is these taken together, and determines not only your rider type but also strengths and weaknesses. Two people with the same rider type would probably have the same strengths, but may have different weaknesses.

Half Monty only tests 3 out of the five values. NM and AC are not tested. Thus a complete rider profile cannot be determined using Half Monty.

See also More → Profile → Athlete Profile. This is where your 4DP values are stored. HM will update MAP, FTP and cTHR (also known as LTHR). Here are my settings.

Follow up question:

Workout settings determine the effort levels within the workout (hence the name). But where does the Rider Type come in? Are training plans different for different rider types?

The plans are the same but the workout settings for those workout will vary by rider type, strengths and weaknesses.

Hey @TrapMeSuf ,
All the answers from @Glen.Coutts , @Sir_Brian_M are spot on. You can also access information in the SYSTM app by going into the library and select Getting Started.


Thanks to all for their comments. Looks like the only thing I missed was the toggle for adjusting the 4DP metrics individually in Workout Settings.

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BTW, it looks like the only way to see the 4DP Workout Settings is by actually loading a workout. Is there another way?

This is in the Windows app
Click on your Rider Type logo (top left)
Then click “Athlete Profile”
Click Edit on the right hand side of your 4DP numbers

The plans are the same but the workouts within each plan are tailored to your rider type and weaknesses, I’ve just started a new 12 wk all purpose road plan and the workouts are different to the last plan, since my rider type changed from sprinter with MAP weakness to pursuiter with sustained weakness.

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Yep. I know where the 4DP Rider Profile is, but the Workout Settings, which get adjusted independently by the HM are only visible after loading working, AFAIK.

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The numbers in your rider profile is what the workout settings are based on.

That’s interesting. In another thread I asked if the 4 week MAP plan workouts are always the same, and the answer I got was yes. If I want different, I’d need to manual change out workouts. As a test, I just manually increased my 4DP metrics by ~20% and then added a new 4 week MAP plan to my calendar. Only 4 of the 21 workouts changed, and those were mostly short easy recovery rides.

Originally, but doing a HM can change the Workout Settings independently of the Rider Profile which is determined by the FM. This was discussed earlier in this thread.

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Yea but once you have done a HM, the numbers in your rider profile will be changed based on that. What doesn’t change is the graph or your rider type.

Ah, ok, I don’t know about that. My numbers changed automatically after HM.

The Half Monty FAQs say it only changes the Workout Settings, not the Rider Proifle, and that was confirmed in this thread. Inquiring specifically about this is why I started this thread.

The only way to update your rider profile is to take the Full Frontal Fitness Test. After completing Half Monty, you should see your new MAP, FTP, and LTHR results in your Workout Settings.

That’s what I thought (and hope)
Up for an experiment? What plan settings did you use? I’m a Time Trialist, I’d be keen to see if I get the same or a different schedule if I fill in the same input as you

It’s a wording issue. The HM won’t change your rider type but it will 100% change the numbers in the athlete profile that the workout settings are based on.

Edit: It is the first set of numbers below that the workout settings (the ones you see when you open a video) are based on.


See the numbers below updated by a recent HM, and below that is the rider type with results from an older FF.