Reverting FF Results - Not the Day

I’ve seen several topics like this and I guess most of us have gone through it. Today I did FF as part of the HM FF Double week.

Here’s the background:

  • a few weeks ago I crushed The Chores hitting power and cadence targets with no issues (my weakness is sustained efforts)
  • Decided to test as the numbers should be higher and chose a rest week to do HM-FF Double Week
  • Wednesday: HM Results MAP (+ 7W) and FTP (+6W)
    -Thursday: 3rd Covid-19 (Shot)
    -Friday: Side Effects
    -Saturday: Primers went fine
    -Sunday: FF Results: MAP (- 8W), NM and AC also negative and FTP same as HM

As I know from a few weeks back that my MAP cannot be the same (The Chores being ‘easy’) I deleted FF hoping my profile will revert to HM Results but it didn’t. I then manually updated the power bringing MAP to HM level and NM and AC as before.

My question is - and I hope a coach can give his/her input; what’s the best way forward?
*Since FF is primordial for improvement using the APP, its kind of tough having power levels measured in a day that might not have been the best. Of course, if I didn’t have that ‘The Chores’ experience just days before I would assume those are my numbers.


a) redo FF week and hope/plan on having a better day.

b) manually tweak your numbers to what “feels right”, and see how that goes for a few weeks, adjusting as necessary?


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I would manually tweak the numbers. Then do FF again in 12 weeks and hope for a better day.

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@Reynaldo_Lopez I would suggest reverting to your old numbers and manually updating them with your Half Monty results. From there try moving the FTP and MAP up a few percentage points via the workout player if you feel that they are still not right. Then plan on retesting again when you have a week when you can stay hydrated and rested with minimal outside stressors.


Maybe just stick with your Half Monty numbers for a week and see how that goes. You can manually adjust from there. Then just plan on retesting before the Tour to make sure you optimize that suffering


yeah, I think that will be my approach.

Indeed if one is not feeling it the day of FF it is better to pass even though is on the calendar. I will go with it and in 6 weeks do another HM and see how things are going.

Cheers and thanks for the inputs !


Hey @Reynaldo_Lopez,

Firstly, nice job on the Chores! Were you doing this as part of a training plan or stand alone workout? The reason I as is as you know our plans work in blocks of 2 or 3 week builds and then a recovery week to allow your body to recover from these harder previous efforts. The recovery is vital for the body to recover and rebuild muscle fibres and this is part of what makes you stronger.

This is why the HM+FF week could have taken more out of you. I recommend as suggested above using the HM numbers for your MAP and FTP and see how you go. And if you want to test again, give it a few weeks and have a recovery week before launching into the HM + FF test week.

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Hi @Coach.Rupert.H ,

I did The Chores as a stand alone workout. I basically do 3 weeks of hard training, throwing in some running sessions and then 1 week pretty easy. I use The Chores as a reference as I did it by the end of an ‘ON’ week once and struggled with the last efforts. Later on I did it on fresh legs and things went pretty well, thus my decision to test.

I chose my recovery week to do HM + FF (from your answer I can tell it was not the best idea). Throwing in a vaccination I think I just put my body in a very dark place.

I did manually change my profile with HM results and added 10W to AC, just for fun, before doing ‘The Rabbit Mountain’ yesterday. Since I only cracked with the last 2 minutes MAP effort the day after FF I think those numbers should be fine.

Thanks for the advice. It is always nice to have input from a professional.



I see what you did there… :wink: