FF test before ToS?

Dear Sufferlandrians, dear choaches,

Need advices !

I have nearly finished a 12 weeks training plan (all purpose road, intermediate). I should have a FF test the last day of january, so exactly 2 weeks before the start of the ToS 2021. With no doubt, my numbers have increased (I made “revolver is easy” today and increased the intensity because it was too easy → MAP 110% and AC 120%).

I don’t know wich option is the best :

1- making the FF test as scheduled in my training plan and then riding the ToS with these new numbers with a “get through it” option. I am afraid that would not be very excyting, but I am also afraid to be really exhausted at the end of the ToS with a “focus” option.

2- Not making the FF test, riding the ToS with the nuclear option (excepting the nine hammers!!!) and then making a FF test which is already include in the ToS post stages.

What do you think dear Sufferlandrians ?

Thanks ! (and sorry for my english, i am not a native english speaker)

I’m in a similar position to you, just finishing a 12 week plan (but without those sort of gains, by the sound of it!) I’m doing Half Monty tomorrow and Full Frontal at the weekend as part of the HM/FF test week. I’ll then take 3 weeks of base before the ToS and likely will do HM at the end of the post tour plan, rather than another FF.

I say follow your plan as prescribed, and still go for the NUCLEAR OPTION for maximum suffering on the tour. You can always back it down if it is getting to be too much, but if you find yourself thinking it has been too easy while riding “get through it,” you can’t go back and pump up those numbers. I recently re-tested and have been getting my butt kicked in the workouts; it’s gonna be a good tour! :woozy_face:

If you have 2 weeks between FF and the ToS I would say see the plan through and ride with your updated numbers. You’ve worked hard on your current plan so see it through and get that 4DP to reflect your current fitness :slight_smile: