TOS Prep Plan?

Wondering if there will be a tour prep plan again? When an we expect in the app?

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That is quite some timing on your end, they were just released to the app today!


Thanks @Coach.Mac.C loaded up already…

The hours per week numbers seem lower than I’d expect, is this deliberate to ensure we are fresh for ToS or an overall reduction in hourly volume across all tests?

Happy holidays!

There probably is a good reason which is not apparent to a newbie Sufferlandrian like me, but I noticed there is no HM (or FF) in the TOS prep plan. Is this due to the sheer strain of the TOS and not to impose excess self-hurt during the TOS?

Needless to say, I am not yet familiar with what TOS actually involves :grimacing:

There’s one at the start of the plan if you choose the “no recent test” version. If you choose the “fresh test numbers” version then it’s assuming that you’ve just done a test. Not wanting to speak for Sir Mac but it’s (likely) intentional that you don’t test just before the Tour, the plan gives you time to adjust to your numbers so that you’re hitting the “race” at just the right level.

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Fair enough, but as it is stated within 6 weeks prior to starting the prep plan, you could essentiually have 12 weeks and lots of improvement prior to the TOS.

Speaking for myself, I did (my first) FF last Monday, coming only from ad hoc training, I am expecting quite some improvement from following the TOS prep plan prior to TOS.

I could of course adjust my numbers as you say, however, my impression is that not having to do that is somehow part of the point with 4DP.

If you think you will have improvements coming into the tour, my advice would be to do the tour, recover for up to a week, then do FF for new numbers

Sounds sensible, and that was also my original plan. Following the new FF my plan is then to move on to a 12 week plan, either TT or All-purpose road.

Kick-start 2021!!!

I would not recommend doing FF or HM before the ToS. It is hard enough as it is without new numbers.


That precisely answered my original question :relaxed:

The FF kicks off early in the plan, after a few weeks on the transition down plan, I feel ill prepared to do a hard FF. I would suspect the numbers would change quickly as soon as the training ramps up