Fitness Kickstarter?

I’m trying out Sufferfest and I’m curious about this Fitness Kickstarter. All of the workouts in the first week have had the Coach Notes “reduced intensity”. Looking ahead it looks like the next four do not, but as I look through the entire schedule there are more of those “reduced intensity” workouts.

So far these workouts have been so easy I thought something was wrong. They don’t feel particularly effective.

Is this plan structured this way intentionally? Is it going to ramp up? Or should I retake the test or maybe switch plans?


Short answer: It will ramp up. The first weeks of almost any training plan start relatively easy. If I can give you one tip, trust the system. :slight_smile:

You can read up more about the “why“ in this article.

Welcome to the sufferfest!

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Cool, I was just starting to question if there was something wrong either my trainer or the test. :slight_smile: