Workout overview?

Since a couple of weeks I’m a Sufferfest cyclist :slight_smile:
I’m really loving it. I’d like to subscribe to a plan, but I feel my body is not yet up to do the workouts 4x a week with the training stress it provides.

Instead I aim for doing 2-3x a low intensity and 1-2x a high intensity.
For the low intensity training I use the Open 45 or Open 60 workout with a bit of reduced wattage to stay in my Z1 of my HR.

For high intensity I have more choices than for the low intensities. Or, that’s at least how it feels, since I’m unsure which other workouts will fit my low intensity requirements

Here’s my question:
Is there an overview to easily view the workouts, intensity and training goals next to reach other? Like a xls.
I know the workout overview in the application itself contains a lot of info for each workout, but for each comparison an different overview would be useful was well.


If you use a plan, the plan will be designed to not be 100% intensity every workout.

You write that you can’t manage 4x a week but then aim for 5x (up to 3x plus up to 2x) … ?

This is almost exactly how the plans will play out plus every second or third week (plan dependent) will be a rest week.

Honestly, even without previewing workouts and plans in advance, I think you’ll be just fine picking a suitable plan and going for it :+1:


:slight_smile: I indeed mentioned I was not able to manage 4x a week, but I meant: 4x a week with these workouts at 100%. I thought that was the case.

You mentioned the plan is designed to be not at 100%. I wasn’t aware of that.
Well. Perhaps I just should give it a try then.

The plans will generally follow a pattern where they will build up during the first week and then there will be quite hard weeks followed by rest periods.

Some of the workouts will be “reduced intensity”, that is not 100%, so make sure you read the coaches notes for each workout carefully!

Good luck!

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have you looked at the transition plans?

@Alchurch, I haven’t looked at the Transition Plans. I’ll have a look, thanks!

Started the Fitnes KickStarter plan yesterday. I read the workouts should be started from the calendar, instead of via the Workout overview. Starting via the calendar starts the workout at the intented intensity… That’s probably why I got the 100% intensity when I started the Training Plan a couple of weeks back. :roll_eyes: That’s also why I thought doing 4 of these workouts per week would be too much. I thought the workout was reduced, but in reality it wasn’t because I started from workout overview, instead of calendar…
Thanks all