More coach info for training plans

Apologies if this is already mentioned elsewhere.

I’m currently part way through my 3rd sufferfest training plan and I’m confident it all works.


I feel that I follow it all a bit blindly or guess as to my objectives for each week etc. It’s obviously not as simple as just the goals in the workout description (order of workouts, what you have done before matters). It would be really nice to have more info on what you are working on each week (or whatever time period)
E.g. “you have just come off a rest week so you should be set to make some strong neuromuscular efforts at the start of the week with workouts x,y,z before moving onto…” being given more information about what it’s all supposed to do for you would make it all feel more personal and like you actually have a real coach for yourself. Rather than “trust me, I coached an hour record holder or two”.

With the reduced intensity workouts detail as to why certain parts of your 4pd have been reduced, but again this would fall into the extra coach notes from above.

I know it’s come up in “[I really want to use a SUF training plan but]”. The videos for reduced intensity just don’t match up with the effort. I feel like a cheater when I’m told I worked really hard and didn’t! maybe having alternative storyline/switch off stand instructions could work??