Fixed! Connect Garmin as an 'Authorized App'


Howdy folks :wave:

Just a heads up that the team has resolved the issue that was preventing you from enabling Garmin as an ‘Authorized App’ in Settings (and, thereby, being unable to directly share your workout to Garmin). No app update is required for the fix, but the current version is 7.5.0 so make sure you’ve got the latest version.

  • iOS / Android - update via the App/Google Play stores
  • Computers (macOS/Windows) - the SYSTM app is designed to update automatically, and checks for a new version when the app is launched. If your app has been opened for a while or sitting idle, there may be a new version waiting for you. Quit the app and relaunch it to check for a new version - a prompt to restart will appear after ~5min (depending on network connection) if a new version is available
  • The SYSTM app version is found in the (vertical) three dot menu of the navigation