Flag Critical Workouts Of The Week

A question I’ve been seeing come up is “If I don’t have time to do all the workouts on my plan, which ones should I do?” (Both here and on FB)

My idea- It would be great if the coaches could flag the critical workouts of the week - these are most likely:

  • a Speed/HIIT/Tabata workout,
  • a climbing/MAP workout, and
  • one long weekend workout.

This would help both new and experienced Sufferlandrians in prioritizing their training for the week especially when making calendar adjustments to fit real life demands and time constraints.

Yes, this would be a great feature!

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Thanks Nathan, let’s make SUF easier to use!


I think this is far too much micromanagment for the coaches unless you buy a personalised plan, but it shouldnt be too hard for you. I also think we already have something like that in our passports, which is our strenghts and weaknesses :slight_smile:

  • If you have a specific goal, focus on workouts working on that specific aspect of your fitness;

  • If no goal ahead focus on workouts that work your weakness;

  • Personally I would try to have at least one longer ride a week at lower intensity.

That would be my guideline if I was ever to pick/focus on specific trainings.


I do the same and usually hit everything in my plan. I think there are some newer users who could benefit from such a thing.

Before the calendar came along in the app, the training plans were in TP or Final Surge. They included advice for doing weekend group rides. I’ve attached a copy of it below. It suggests skipping or replacing the workout with one star in your 4DP strength category if you are fatigued, so while is isn’t flagging the important workout, it is saying which you could skip.

Thanks for sharing. I’ve noticed this question coming up a lot in the FB group - hard for new users to know which workouts they’d benefit the most from not skipping.

Agreed, would be great to indicate the critical work-outs.

Yep good idea - I struggle sometimes to do all rides as per plan - if I could’ve see an importance rating at start of week I could flex what I did a bit