Music Types

It seems to me that there are two types of music in the Sufferfest workouts. There is rock music and there is dance music. Hopefully everyone is tolerant of both but I suspect most people will have a preference, perhaps based on what they like to listen to, perhaps based on what they find more motivating for workouts.
It would be great if SUF workouts could come with a choice of two or more soundtracks and you could choose which you wish to workout to on that occasion.

Personally I much prefer the first part of Team Scream to the second and my favourite section of the Cobbler is the middle section.

@Fantom interesting idea. The music is one of the (many) great aspects of the Sufferfest videos. I am more rock-oriented but have no problem with the dance music. I have been exposed to more great and interesting music over the last ten years due to the Sufferfest than just about anything else.

What I do find is that I prefer songs with lyrics as they create a bit of a distraction that helps me power through the efforts. I find some of the newer videos (names escape me at the moment) with long lyric-less song sections even harder. Not sure why, just easier to distract myself from the physical pain. Lyric-based doping?


I love the techno/electronic/trance parts (The Bat, 1st interval is so effing awesome in every regard) as well as the rock, but could do without country/rock-a-billy (The Bat 2nd interval).

I actually dislike most of the music and lyrics in the videos.

At best, some of them are a distraction when the intensity gets very high.
Occasionally, as with some of the intervals in Violater, the contrast can be amusing.

This is an interesting idea, tho mostly a manual process. And doubtful it will please everyone, anyway. But interesting, either way, if not really that likely. I do tend to like the techno more than the rock, but both have their place and both can be enjoyable if done well to match the tone of the workouts. And when doing workouts over and over, even if you don’t thoroughly enjoy the music, they will become familiar and you’ll learn the queues, kind of like Pavlov’s (Grunter’s) dog.


I’ve mentioned this before but I wonder if Violator has created an aversion to opera for me, in much the same way as Alex gets conditioned during A Clockwork Orange.